Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Service

Every Master Gardener Volunteer needs to complete 24 hours of volunteer service activities and 10 hours of continuing education each year. A wide variety of volunteer programs and projects can accommodate any Master Gardener’s lifestyle and schedule. Volunteer activities include:

  • Diagnosing Plant Problems
  • Staffing Educational Exhibits
  • Delivering Group Presentations
  • Gardening with Children
  • Conducting Educational Workshops
  • Garden Mentoring
  • Helping with Accessible Gardens for People with Disabilities
  • Teaching through Demonstration Gardens including:
    • butterfly gardens
    • herb gardens
    • kids’ ethnic garden at the Milwaukee County Zoo & Havenwoods
    • accessible garden at Wil-O-Way Grant Park

For a detailed list of volunteer opportunities, see the “2019 SEWMG Volunteer Opportunities Directory”


Approved Projects

These are projects approved by the local MGV program that focus on a single aspect of gardening and are led by a group of SEWMGs or are projects supported by the UW-Extension and specific partners they work with.  For more information, contact the listed Master Gardener Volunteer.

Lifelong Gardening Committee
Contact: MGV Ann Loper Chair  414-687-6854  annloper@mac.com

UW Extension Urban Agriculture Project
Bee Keeping Program – Contact: MGV Linda Reynolds, linda.reynolds@wisc.edu 414-615-0530

Champion Tree Project
Contact: MGV Ruth Marshall  262-646-8689  ruthmars@centurytel.net

Invasive species Eradication
Contact: MGV Ruth Marshall  262-646-8689   ruthmars@centurytel.net

Pollinator Group
Contact:  MGV Jennifer Lazewski   414-364-8624  jenlazewski@gmail.com

Plant Sale
Contact:  MGV  Bill Shaffer,   414-305-0299   wshaffer@wi.rr.com
Contact:  MGV  Patty Witt,   414-865-0961   pattywitt8@gmail.com
Contact:  MGV  Diane Thieme,  414-530-9892 dianet1@execpc.com

Youth Gardening Outreach
Contact: Karla Geiger, 414 243-0631 karla.geiger@greendaleschools.org

MGV Newsletter
Write articles for the SouthEast Wisconsin Master Gardener Volunteer newsletter
Articles are due by the first day of even-numbered months
Submit articles by email to: sandymanning@gmail.com

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