Important Change to YQCA Registration

This is EXTREMELY important!

We are still having the YQCA training on April 2nd at the Shawano Community High School but there are changes to the registration.

YQCA is moving to a new platform on March 22, 2022.  With the move, our training for April 2nd will not transfer over to the new platform.

  1. You need to go into and cancel your registration for the April 2nd in-person YQCA course before March 22nd.  By cancelling, you will have your $3 refunded.
  2. After March 23rd, you will need to register for the new April 2nd in-person YQCA course and pay your $3.   Watch for an email on March 23rd with the new website.
  3. If you have taken YQCA online, please download your completed certificate prior to March 22nd.