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  • Silvopasture October 28, 2016
    The silvopasture list serve is a network of farmers, researchers, educators, and students interested in silvopasture. To subscribe send an e-mail to join-silvopasture@lists.wisc.edu. To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to leave-silvopasture@lists.wisc.edu.
  • Composting Mortalities January 8, 2015
    While not a part of farming that we like to think about, animal death happens.  How do you properly dispose of dead animals on your farm?  Cornell has a publication on composting animal mortalities that will show you how to get started. Cornell Publication on Composting Animal Mortalities
  • Rabbits July 9, 2014
    Rabbits can be an interesting animal to raise on small farms.  Before starting to raise rabbits, one should consider the potential uses and goals of the operation.  Rabbits can efficiently convert plant material to meat, and rabbit meat is gaining in popularity.  They can also be kept as interesting pets.  Raising rabbits might provide an […]

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