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  • WI Swine Extension
  • Pig Connect-a place to get connected with buyers or sellers of all types of pigs, equipment, etc.
  • Pork Information Gateway-while primarily carrying information for larger-scale production, much of the information (reproduction, health, pork quality, etc.) can be applied on a small-scale scheme

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  • Silvopasture October 28, 2016
    The silvopasture list serve is a network of farmers, researchers, educators, and students interested in silvopasture. To subscribe send an e-mail to join-silvopasture@lists.wisc.edu. To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to leave-silvopasture@lists.wisc.edu.
  • Composting Mortalities January 8, 2015
    While not a part of farming that we like to think about, animal death happens.  How do you properly dispose of dead animals on your farm?  Cornell has a publication on composting animal mortalities that will show you how to get started. Cornell Publication on Composting Animal Mortalities
  • Livestock Lessons: A Fencing Primer July 8, 2014
    There are several reasons why a landowner might choose to construct a fence. Fences contain livestock and other animals, they can also exclude livestock and other animals, and in other cases the land owner might consider a fence esthetically pleasing. The options range from a single wire of electric to a 5 rail board fence […]

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