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  • Money & Markets:Keeping Track and Moving Forward July 8, 2014
    Record keeping is one of those boring jobs that we need to train ourselves to do on any production setting. There is a large benefit to knowing what we have done and are we or are we not moving forward in our operations. There are many reasons that we want to keep records. The first […]
  • Money & Markets: Marketing the Holiday Goodies July 8, 2014
    As Fall is rolling around the corner, we may have some traditional holiday items for sale.  Examples are the pumpkins at Halloween or a Thanksgiving turkey. Perhaps you just have some home raised produce or crafts that you would like to market. Well, here are a few helpful hints to get the most out of […]
  • Money & Markets: Direct Marketing Meat July 8, 2014
    Whether you are currently a meat producer, or thinking of starting a livestock business and selling directly to consumers, there are some important things to consider. Selling meat directly to consumers is completely different from selling animals through commodity market outlets such as auctions, livestock sales yards or commission agents. The good news is […]

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