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  • Farm Balance Sheets July 8, 2014
    The most basic farm financial statement is the balance sheet.  The balance sheet is a listing of all of the farm assets and liabilities at a particular point in time.  The balance sheet provides information about the liquidity and solvency of the farm.  It is a great tool for tracking changes in wealth from one […]
  • Money & Markets:Working with your Lender July 8, 2014
    You don’t have to borrow money to start your business, but borrowing money can get you to your dream of a farm much faster than waiting to save up the necessary cash. That means you need to develop a good relationship with an agricultural lender. A relationship with your lender can be an important asset […]
  • Vegetable budgets July 8, 2014
    The Center for Dairy Profitability provides budgets and cost information for more than just dairy operations.  You can find enterprise budgets for 23 different vegetable crops on their website, from asparagus to winter squash.  Fresh market vegetable costs and returns can vary widely from farm to farm, so the budgets are best used as a […]

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