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Deb: Monroe County

I am a Strong Woman.

If you would have told me I could say that 6 months ago, I would have told you it was not possible. Six months ago, I had just finished daily 30 Radiation treatments to my abdomen/pelvis, and two weeks of daily chemotherapy. I finished treatment at 109 pounds on my 5’6” frame, hairless and profoundly weak. I was having issues with continence, difficulty eating and felt like I had lost control of every aspect of my life.


Sharon: Rock County

I am a Double/Lung recipient (June 2003)

I was unable to get off the couch without my husband helping me, then I joined a StrongWomen class. Now I am able to get off the couch with no help AND I can pick up my grandchildren because I have much more strength and balance.


2018 Participant Evaluation

From: ANGELA FLICKINGER Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017 2:15PM To: All StrongWomen Leaders Subject: 2018 Participant Evaluation Dear Wisconsin StrongWomen Leaders- Continuing on from last year, we will be asking all classes to utilize the 2018 Participant Evaluation as an end-session evaluation. This evaluation may be completed via Qualtrics or paper survey (see links below) and should be completed […]


New Password for National Website

NOTICE TO ALL STRONG WOMEN, STRONG BODIES TRAINED LEADERS On the inside front cover of the binder/Toolkit is a sticker with the Username and Password to the “Resources for Program Leaders” section of the StrongWomen Website. Cornell recently changed just the password (username is the same). However, the change in the password is not reflected […]

Strong Bodies: Lifting People to Better Health

New Logo

Have you seen the new logo? StrongWomen Wisconsin is becoming more inclusive by utilizing another name; StrongBodies along with a new logo:   We encourage your program to move in this direction with us! You can access the logo from the StrongWomen Wisconsin webpage or here. If you choose to have a women-only class, StrongWomen […]


SW Promotional Video

Leaders! Check out our new promotional video! Feel free to share this on your websites, social media, and maybe even with local broadcasting! Great work!


New Map!

Leaders! Check out the new map that we have for Wisconsin StrongWomen programs under the Participating Counties tab! Is your class location listed? Is a location listed but there’s no longer a class held there? Please help us to keep this map updated by completing the forms below (which can always be accessed from the […]