Wisconsin farmers receive grants to advance sustainable agriculture

The North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE) Program has awarded $663,000 to 48 Farmer Rancher Grant Projects for 2019.  This NCR-SARE grant program offers competitive grants for farmers and ranchers who are exploring sustainable agriculture in America’s Midwest.

Farmer Rancher Grants help farmers explore sustainable solutions to problems through on-farm research, demonstration, and education projects. Eight projects from Wisconsin were selected to receive funding:

  • Galen Bergquist in Viroqua, WI was awarded $8,819 for the project, “Susceptibility of Cider Apple Varieties to Foliar-feeding Insects.”
  • David Danzinger of Danzinger Vineyards in Alma, WI was awarded $8,790 for the project, “Using Micro-Nutrients to Control Shattering of La Crescent Grapes (Cold-Climate).”
  • Tami Hallam of Scenic Valley Perch in Luxemburg, WI was awarded $26,993 for the project, “Developing a Production and Distribution Mechanism for Feed Trained Perch Fingerlings for Use in Aquaculture Grow-out Facilities.”
  • Edward Kaderly of Edward S. Kaderly Farm in Juda, WI was awarded $6,137 for the project, “Correlating Land Management to Soil Health, Water Quality, and Nutrition.”
  • Emily Martorano of Hazel Hill Farm in Avoca, WI was awarded $7,379 for the project, “Complete Guide to Lard Soapmaking for the Small Pork Producer.”
  • Christopher McGuire of Two Onion Farm in Belmont, WI was awarded $8,920 for the project, “Organic Control of Canada Thistle in Mulched Orchards.”
  • Matthew Raboin of Brix Cider in Barneveld, WI was awarded $27,000 for the project, “Expanding Markets for Lesser Known Perennial Crops Through the Craft Beverage Industry.”
  • Lauren Rudersdorf of Raleigh’s Hillside Farm in Brodhead, WI was awarded $26,185 for the project, “Should I Start a CSA Farm?: An Educational Video Series for Current & Aspiring CSA Farmers.”

The Call for Proposals for the next round of Farmer Rancher Grants is expected to come out in August.  For more information go to the North Central SARE webpage.