Pharmacological intervention in swine reproduction

Sow_and_five_piglets public domain from usda arsThis production [review] tool provides practical guidelines for pharmacological intervention in swine reproduction and cites references to illustrate potential outcomes. The areas of reproduction to be addressed are the induction and control of estrus, interventions at breeding, and the control of farrowing. As an introductory statement, I wish to emphasize my belief that, where possible, the most rational strategy is one of no intervention. However, modern swine production practices are often dictated by economic forces that require some degree of strategic control.

While not a new review by any means, some good data is discussed in regards to the use of of pharmacological measures in various stages of swine reproduction.  Hosted on the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

View Pharmacological intervention in swine reproduction (7 pg, pdf) [citation: Kirkwood RN. Pharmacological intervention in swine reproduction. Swine Health Prod.1999;7(1):29–35.]