Slowing Pig Growth

With supply chain delays in getting pigs to a market or slaughter channel, you may be asking yourself, how do I get these market hogs slowed down on their growth?  There are several resources out there to help you decide how to move forward with slowing the growth rate while maintaining animal well-being.

Iowa State University Extension recently hosted a webinar on how to slow pig growth rate to manage market disruptions.  You can view the webinar via the YouTube link below.

Additional information on COVID-19 and how it impacts swine farms can be found at the Iowa Pork Industry Center.

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What to do if your packing plant is closed? (University of Minnesota) View the Feeding Strategies to Reduce Pig Growth factsheet from the National Pork Board. View the South Dakota State Extension article on slowing pig growth. View Swine Nutrition Research from Kansas State University Extension. View digital Kansas State University Swine Nutrition Guide.