Swine Centers

Swine Associations

  • American Association of Swine Practitioners
    The AASP is a nonprofit educational professional society organized to:  increase the knowledge of veterinarians in the field of swine medicine;  elevate the standards of swine practice;  promote the relationship between swine practice, the swine industry, and the public interest;  promote the interests of swine veterinarians;  improve the public stature of swine veterinarians;  cooperate with veterinary and agricultural organizations and regulatory agencies; and promote goodwill among AASP members.
  • National Pork Board
    The Board is responsible for the collection, distribution and program accountability for the pork checkoff in the areas of promotion, research and consumer information. The programs funded by the Pork Board are designed to: strengthen the position of the pork industry in the marketplace and maintain, develop, and expand markets for pork and pork products.
  • National Pork Producers Council
    Good place for pork consumers to find recipes, nutritional and safety guides. If you are a pork producer, then NPPC website is the place you have to visit everyday to update your information.
  • National Swine Improvement Federation
    To advance and stimulate individual and collaborative efforts of swine breeding stock suppliers, academic personnel, and pork industry affiliates in the research, development, and utilization of scientifically-based genetic improvement programs and associated practices for the economically efficient production of high quality, nutritious pork.
  • US Pork Center of Excellence – PIG – Pork Information Gateway
    The US Pork Center of Excellence recently launched a comprehensive computer accessible swine information web site. Many land grant schools, including Wisconsin’s College of Agriculture, sponsored the development of this pork production information site. Free accounts are provided for producers who register. Thousands of swine production related information factsheets and research pieces are available online.
  • Wisconsin Pork Association
    The Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) strives to find new ways to promote consumer appreciation of pork as a vital mainstay of the American diet. While ever mindful of the best interests of consumers, the Wisconsin Pork Association works hard to assure pork producers increased profitability from their pork production efforts.