Success Stories


Taking Care of You increases participants’ awareness of various stress-related health and wellbeing concepts. Participants leave the program intending to change their behavior to reduce stress and improve their overall health. To read more about Taking Care of You’s impact in Wisconsin, download the impact report.

What Participants in Taking Care of You Are Saying:

“I especially valued the opportunity to take time out once a week for 4 weeks to learn strategies for more effective self-care. The strategies are simple yet easy to use. The “homework” was also a good way to actually practice the strategies. Thank You!”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an informative class. It has provided me w/tools I can use in my everyday life. What a positive impact!”

“Thank you for doing this workshop. It was very non-threatening. It allowed me to open up, but not be too personal. Great Job!!”

“I think often about the ‘What I Value In My Life’ activity. It has helped me to realize that my time and energy are finite, and it’s worth being more thoughtful about how I use them. I have said ‘no’ to some things that I previously would have agreed to without thinking.”

What New Facilitators Are Saying about Taking Care of You:

“I think this is a great program to offer to people, and I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in it. I think we all need refreshers from time to time, to help us through some life challenges. And through facilitating we can have a positive impact on the people around us, our friends, family, our community, our team members, and most importantly upon our selves.”

“Participants in Taking Care of You connected and were happy to even have one new skill to use. They were able to connect with the curriculum content and you could feel their energy increase as they identified with more of the strategies to lead a mindful life.”