Parent Resources

Academic Education:

  • Federal Student Aid– Learn about exploring careers, choosing and applying to schools, and taking required tests. Use checklists to help get ready for college. Read about the types of financial aid available from the government and other sources such as grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study. Learn how to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), how aid is calculated, and how you’ll get your aid.
  • College Navigator – Find the right college for you. College Navigator is an information tool designed to help students and parents get information about over 7,000 public and private institutions. Refine your search, build a list of schools for side-by-side comparisons, pinpoint school locations with an interactive map, export search results into a spreadsheet and save your session including search options and favorites.
  • Going2College– Explore career options, plan for college and locate financial aid sources. Visit specific state pages to learn about local services and programs to assist in the journey to college.


  • Start the Talk – an interactive 10 to 15 minute experience that provides practice in talking to a child about the dangers of underage drinking.
  • Too Smart to Start– information and resources on ‘What to Know’, ‘What to Say’, and ‘What to Do’ in talking about and preventing underage drinking.  Includes interactive online game “Ready, Set, Listen!” a game designed to help parents and young people talk about underage drinking, the facts and effects. Available in English and Spanish.


  • Cyberbullying Prevention– questions parents should ask their children about technology. Includes general technology use, cyberbullying and safe online social networking.


  • Parent’s Guide to Truancy– an informational pocket guide designed to reduce incidences of truancy by provide parents and guardians with prevention and intervention strategies.