There’s no place like home

…or is there?

A marina populated with sailboats and more.

A marina populated with sailboats and more.

C’mon, play a game with me. I had an easy time feeling at home in Sweden because the landscape reminded me of home, of Wisconsin. So play along. See if you can guess which pictures here are of Wisconsin or Sweden.

small craft along the lakeshore, waiting for a ride

Small craft along the lakeshore, waiting for a ride

Yes, we love water. A few interesting statistics. There are approximately 636,000 boats registered in the state of Wisconsin. If I’ve done my math correctly, there is one boat registered in Wisconsin for approximately every nine people. It is estimated that there is a boat for every seven Swedes (International Boat Industry website).  For the record, the same source estimates that, overall in the US, there is one boat for every 23 people.

Other comparisons: Sweden covers approximately 450,000 km2 (174,000 sq. miles) and stretches from south to north, latitude 55° N to 68° N.  Wisconsin covers about 37% as much area – 170,000 km2 (65,500 sq. miles), from 42° N to 47° N. Stockholm is Sweden’s most populated city with 819,000 inhabitants within city limits and 1.9 million in the metropolitan area. Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city: 605,000 people within the city and roughly 1.7 million in its metro area.

harvest time in the grain fields

Harvest time in the grain fields

What else struck me as familiar?

A mature forest of conifers and hardwoods.

A mature forest of conifers and hardwoods

Away from the urban centers, Wisconsin’s landscape is dominated by agriculture and forests.  Hmm, so is Swedish geography…   Sweden’s and Wisconsin’s northern regions have been famous for iron, copper and zinc ores, but mining is not as important an economic driver as it once was.

And back to water: Sweden boasts about 3200 km (2000 miles) of coastline, most of it along the Baltic Sea. Wisconsin’s ‘coastline’ totals roughly 1600 km (1000 miles):  800 miles along the coasts of the Great Lakes and 200 miles bordering the mighty Mississippi River.

more mature forest of conifers and hardwoods

more mature forest of conifers and hardwoods

The Swedes apply a concept called allemansrätten – the right of public access – which taught me something about their relationship with their natural environment. Allemansrätten refers to the right of each person to benefit from the bounty of nature, by hiking through someone else’s land, travelling by boat and picking wild flowers, berries and mushrooms.

Dappled sunlight on the lake

Dappled sunlight on the lake

When I learned this, I immediately thought of the the public trust doctrine, which provides that the state of Wisconsin holds the waters of the state in trust for the public. The uses held in trust include navigation, fishing, hunting, swimming and other recreational enjoyment. As a Wisconsin native, I could relate to the underlying concept, that some resources are too precious to all of us to belong to any one of us.

Clouds reflecting in the lake at sunset.

Clouds reflecting in the lake at sunset

Back to our game. Have you decided which photos picture Wisconsin scenes and which are Swedish?

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  1. Mary, I love your blog! Maybe Wisconsin can be a sister state to some part of Sweden.

  2. Great idea. Why am I not surprised? You are a gem, Mary. Keep wondering, wandering and blogging.
    We loved Sweden (and Norway) when we visited in 2003.

  3. I love the game! And I was so wrong! Except for the Small Craft photo. Do they have apartment houses for birds in Sweden too? (see the big bird house)
    The photos are all beautiful! And I love your blogging – and will check in every now and then! Thanks for sharing – and NICE JOB!!!

  4. A marina… Sweden, along the Baltic Sea
    Small craft… Wisconsin, Two Sisters Lake
    Harvest time… Sweden, overlooking Lake Vättern
    A mature forest… Sweden, Naturskola, Södertälje
    More mature forest… Wisconsin, Menominee County
    Dappled sunlight… Wisconsin, Lake Wausau
    Clouds reflecting… Sweden, Lake Möckeln

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