Connecting communities

What role does connectivity play in creating sustainable communities?  Can we build sustainable communities without connecting them to the wider world?  In years past, we recognized that communities would stagnate without connecting via railroads, roads and telephone lines. Now we have moved on to using the internet to connect people. 

I ran across a very interesting article concerning the current debate about appropriate roles for the public and private sectors. What is the common property when it comes to the internet?  Communication and information are also intimately tied to the practice of democracy. I found this worth pondering…

From the Sustainable Cities Collective

Broadband access in the United States is an issue fraught with strong opinions on topics from speed to funding to net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) backed by the support of the Obama Administration is pushing a variety of initiatives to increase broadband access nationwide in order to close the technology infrastructure gap between the US and much of the developed world. Yet, these initiatives have faced push-back from state legislatures and incumbent private sector providers, leading some supporters of broadband to push the idea that broadband is more or less a public utility.