I hope this blog does something for each reader. I’d like us to go somewhere together.

Hey! That’s a lot like community development, which is something I’m supposed to be working on.  Where do we want to go, together? Can’t do community work without community.

I would like to think that in our communities, we would like to go forward. I hope that somehow we haven’t given up on progress. I can’t fathom that we think we are done, that we have arrived. Goodness, there is still work to be done. And is our current momentum taking us where we want to go?  How can we think ourselves forward?

I wonder what you wonder about, because I wonder a LOT. I hope you will let me know what sparked wonder in you. I invite you wonder (verb): to speculate, to marvel and be surprised, together, with me.

Please note that I take the responsibility to moderate comments submitted by readers. My goal is to encourage participation in the conversation. I find that trying to ensure civility is necessary to do that. I anticipate removing or censoring only those comments I judge to be grossly inappropriate and/or disrespectful in nature.

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