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A color photo of a CASE farm tractor with an open operator's platform and folding ROPs.

2021 Youth Tractor and Machinery Certification Programs

We are in the process of updating the Youth Tractor and Machinery Certification programs for 2021. Hoping that a few of the challenges experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic will ease up. Please check back as things should be starting to roll in early March.  While you’re waiting for that information, it’s a good […]


New Videos on Lighting and Marking Requirements for IoH

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation created two animated videos to help explain lighting and marking requirements for Implements of Husbandry or IoH. One video covers the requirements for all IoH and the other video discusses the requirements for wide IoH. These are a good supplement to the Lighting and Marking Requirement handout that is a […]


Skid steer Operation by Youth Employees

Questions continue to be asked regarding youth employees and student learners operating skid steers. Here’s the basic as the laws apply. Employers are encouraged to contact the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) with more specific questions. Operation of skid steers is not covered by the Wisconsin Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Certification Program. Regulations […]


NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released a Sound Level Meter (NIOSH SLM) App. Currently, it is only available for iOS devices. The app provides a readout of the sound level using the built-in microphone. It provides an instantaneous sound level (dB) reading as well as Time Weighted Average (TWA) and dose. […]


Tractor Checklist Updated

I’ve updated the “Farm Hazard Inspection Checklist – Tractor.”   A pdf version is available here: Tractor checklist The value of a checklist is that it can be incorporated into a farm’s maintenance program. For farms that may be inspected by OSHA, a checklist is a good way to document that vehicles were maintained and when […]


Operating on WI Road Information

You probably are aware that laws related to operating implements of husbandry on Wisconsin highways has been updated the past three legislative sessions. The latest law changes were effective March 3, 2016. I have updated the information on https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/ioh The handouts from educational programs are posted under the Resources section of this site. These handouts […]