State and Federal Certificates are both certificates of SAFETY EDUCATION training. They are not “certifying” the youth skills abilities. It should be emphasized to students, parents and employers that students still need to be trained for specific work tasks and that supervision is required.

Federal Certificates are US Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division documents.  You my need to provide additional certificates if the youth works for more than one employer.

State Certificates should be carried with the youth when operating tractors or self-propelled equipment on a public road. A new version of the state certificate has been developed in 2010. The former tyvek certificates can still be used. The Participant Registry is the official document for youth certified by programs to receive the state certificates.

Participant Registry is the official listing of youth certified under WI Act 455 and who received the WI Certificate of Training. A copy of the Participant Registry shall be submitted to the UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health within 60 days of the course completion. 19participantregistry  The Participant Registry may also be submitted as an excel spreadsheet.