Example Syllabus


1.1 The Work Environment

1.2 Safety and Health Regulations

Safety is No Accident

1.2.1 Hazardous Occupation Order in Agriculture (C)

2.1 Injuries Involving Youth (C)

2.4 Age Appropriate Tasks (C)

4.3 NAGCAT Tractor Operation Chart

Instruments and Controls

4.1 Agricultural Tractors (C)

4.4 Tractor Instrument Panel (C)

4.5 Tractor Controls (C)

4.5.1 Engine Stop Controls (C)

4.5.2 Ground Motion Controls (C)

4.5.4 Positioning and Adjusting Controls

4.5.5 Location and Direction of Movement (C)

4.5.6 Tractor Operation Symbols (C)

Maintenance and Safety

2.2 Risk Perception

2. 3 Reaction Time

2.5 Severe Weather

2.5.1 Heat and Sun

2.5.2 Cold

2.5.3 Lightning, Tornadoes and Rain

2.6 Housekeeping

2.7 Personal Dress (C)

2.8 Hazard Warning Signs (C)

2.9 Hand Signals

2.10 Personal Protective Equipment (C)

2.11 First Aid and Rescue (C)

Tractor Hitches, PTO and Hydraulics

5.1 Connecting Implements to the Tractor (C)

5.2 Using Drawbar Implements (C)

5.3 Using Three-Point Hitch Implements (C)

5.4 Making Power Take-Off Connections (C)

5.4.1 Using Power Take-Off (PTO) Implements (C)

Operating the Tractor on Public Roads

4.14 Operating the Tractor on Public Roads (C)

4.14.1 Lighting and Marking (C)

Why Farm Accidents Occur

3.1 Mechanical Hazards (C)

3.2 Noise Hazards and Hearing Protection

3.3. Respiratory Protection

3.3.1 Using Respiratory Protection

4.2 Tractor Hazards (C)

Farm Machinery Accident Situations

4.13 Using the Tractor Safely (C)

4.10 Moving and Steering the Tractor (C)

4.11 Operating the Tractor in Reverse (C)

4.12 Tractor Stability (C)

6.1 Skidsteers

6.2 ATVs and Utility Vehicles

Farmstead Safety

3.4 Working with Livestock (C)

3.4 Agricultural Pesticides (C)

3.6 Electrical Hazards (C)

3.8 Confined Spaces (C)

3.9 Silos (C)

3.10 Grain Bins (C)

3.11 Manure Storage (C)

3.12 Anhydrous Ammonia (C)

3.13 Farmstead Chemicals (C)

3.7 Fire Safety

3.7.1 Fire Prevention and Control

3.7.2 Hay Storage Fires

3.14 Animal, Wildlife and Insect Related Hazards

General Review

Written Exam

Driving Exam