Agricultural Work Activities Not Classified as Hazardous for Youth Under 16

Some of the typical farm activities that youth may participate in without receiving certification include (but not necessarily recommended):

  • pruning Christmas trees
  • mowing lawns
  • picking berries
  • picking vegetables
  • picking tree fruit (on ladders less than 20 ft off the ground)
  • milking cows
  • harvesting or curing tobacco
  • feeding hogs, chickens, calves (without auger conveyor)
  • riding a horse
  • painting (using ladders less than 20 ft off the ground)
  • operating a garden-type tractor (under 20 hp)
  • loading hay bales on wagon
  • carpentry (but not using power saw)
  • trimming and pruning hedges, grape vines, etc.
  • fueling tractor and performing machinery maintenance
  • setting fence posts and repairing fences but not using powered digger or driver

Of course, all farm activities require proper training and supervision.