Federal Certificates

Youth successfully completing the requirements of the Wisconsin Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Certification program and who are 14 years of age or older are eligible to receive the federal certificate of training. Do not issue Federal Certificates to youth who have not had their 14th birthday.

WHD Federal Certificate Form  is available here: Federal Certificate Fillable Form

Items included on the certificate to be completed by the certifying authority or instructor are:

1. Participant’s Name

2. Date of Birth (mm/dd/year) – Remember a youth must be 14 years of age at the time this certificate is issued.

Information should be in order of the month, day and year.

3. Date

This is the date that the certificate is issued to the youth. Youth should show their state certificates of training or verified by county records that the state certificate was received.

4. Address

Address should include street, P.O. box or rural route number plus the city or town of home residence.

5. Zip Code

Please use the accurate zip code for the city or town of residence.

6. 4-H or Vo-Ag

If the program is conducted by an University of Wisconsin – Madison, Division of Extension  or is a cooperative program with agricultural education instructors, please indicate 4-H. If the program is conducted solely by an agricultural education instructor, please indicate Vo-Ag.

7. Tractor Operation or Tractor and Machinery Operation

Check that it was the tractor and machinery certification.

8. Certifying Authority

The extension educator or authorized agricultural education instructor who issues the certificate. This signature indicates that the youth is 14 years of age and has successfully completed the training program. Certifying authorities are responsible for programs meeting the qualification in hours and testing.

9. Person who conducted the training program

Signature of one of the instructors involved with the training program.


It is recommended that the certifying authority provides the original signature copy as the employer’s copy and then a photocopy for the participant’s copy and a file copy. Additional certificates may be issued later as participants may change jobs or have multiple employers. Copy of the federal certificate should be kept on file until the youth turns 16 years of age.