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Dodge County –  Wisconsin Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Student Study Guide. (2016)

tractor safety study guide Dodge County 2016

Developed by Dodge County to compliment the student manual.

Teaching Young Workers About Job Safety and Health

NIOSH is pleased to present Youth@Work: Talking Safety, a foundation curriculum in occupational safety and health. This curriculum is the culmination of many years’ work by a consortium of partners dedicated to reducing occupational injuries and illnesses among youth. This curriculum is meant to be used in a classroom or other group training setting, and has been customized for each state.  Curricula, powerpoint and video are available here: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/talkingsafety/  This resource includes some agriculture. It could be modified for your program if time limited.

Student Review Sheets ( 1MB file size) for National Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery (HOSTA) manual. Developed for Eau Claire Co. Program.  Student Study Guide

Powerpoint presentations were developed by Walworth/Kenosha/Racine UWEX for use with HOSTA manual information.

Tractor Safety Set 1

Tractor Safety Set 2

Tractor Safety Set 3

Tractor Safety Set 4 Part A Purposes and Hazards

Tractor Safety Set 4 com Part B Gauges, Instruments and Tractor Controls

Tractor Safety Set 4 Part C Preopcheck and road

Tractor Safety Set 4 com Part D Tractor Symbols