End of Summer Reflection: Valenka

Valenka Kosick

This summer has been my first step towards a career in my field of Natural Resource Conservation and gave me opportunities for a thousand other firsts. Working at what the outpost kids referred to it as “Base Camp” was rewarding because I taught classes like Animal Signs and Peanut Butter Mountain. But in outpost the lesson isn’t done after a couple of hours. I knew all the kids’ on outpost names the first hour we were together; I have never been able to remember names with such ease! I heard so many amazing stories, jokes, and songs that I can say with confidence became part of their outdoor adventure stories. As Naturalist, sharing these adventures with campers, has opened my eyes to a world filled with hope, wonder, and respect for nature that can only be strengthened through programs like this learning center that give youth that time to slow down and appreciate their surroundings.

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