COVID-19 Response

On this page, you can find updates about our response and resources available for at-home learning or outdoor activities.

Thank you to everyone who has been so understanding concerning the cancellations and changes to our availability and schedule. Here you can stay updated about our response. We are following the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension guidelines and the state’s Badger Bounce Back plan. For the latest information on COVID-19, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or which contains more information from the University of Wisconsin about plans and response for COVID-19 (coronavirus).


Residential Groups – Upham Woods is officially open to overnight groups including school groups and summer camps!

Day Use Programs – Join us on site! We have been hosting many day groups and would love to add you to the list. Contact us about our openings.

Open Enrollment Summer Camp – We have come to the difficult decision to not lead open enrollment summer camp in 2022, but we will be hosting many summer camps for other groups such as 4H, Upward Bound, and Wisconsin Land and Water. A full list of planned summer camps that you may be able to enroll for can be found here.


Resources available to you

These resources are Upham’s commitment to community science during COVID-19. Upham’s other community science initiatives also include Science Strikes Back (supported by EPA NE00E02399), the Research Accelerators (supported by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District), and Sauk County Youth Conservation Days.

Great Lakes Quests | Nature Journal

Great Lakes Quests

Virtual and interactive tours of Wisconsin coastal cities as part of the Wisconsin Coastal Guide. Free. 

In collaboration with Wisconsin Sea Grant, Upham Woods has developed a series of virtual and interactive tours of Wisconsin coastal cities that feature natural, historical, and cultural assets of the area. These tours were developed using ArcGIS StoryMap and aim to:

  • increase awareness of natural, cultural, and historical coastal issues both locally and statewide
  • increase access to the relevant and on-going coastal issues for both local and non-local participants
  • engage all of Wisconsin and help develop Wisconsin’s identity as a coastal state
  • bridge virtual and in-person experiences using a novel approach to place-based learning

The Great Lakes Quests contain interactive educational components including links to external content, inquiry-based questions, and quizzes. Each correct quiz answer reveals a clue that spells a final word that’s significant to the coastal city. Learn to quest using a video tutorial here.


How to Make your own Nature Journal

Nature journaling is another great way to tell stories about our observations outside. When you observe your natural surrounding closely and record your observations through lists, stories, or sketches, you are doing science! We look at nature journaling as a bridge between science and art and it’s for all ages! Check our these instructions to make your own!  Anything recorded in a nature journal is also an Earth Story!