Scientific Storytelling at Upham Woods

While at Upham Woods, your group will have the opportunity to engage in scientific storytelling. Participants use technology to photograph, collect data, and document their experiences here. As students enjoy rural Wisconsin and the outdoors, they develop keener observation skills and scientific questioning using tested technology kits. They pose original questions and explore answers with mobile technology.  At the end of the session, they write a story about their findings and experience.

Every class we offer has technology, proven to enhance educational outcomes, interwoven into the curriculum. Students practicing their Outdoor Survival skills will take the temperature of the fires they built. Hikers on Blackhawk Island will collect weather data and observe the micro-climates of the island using a microscope, thermal imager, and a light reader. The equipment used in these classes has been tested through our Digital Observation Technology (DOTS) research and programming

Find your group’s story or check out others’ stories.


scientific story

Scientific Story from a virtual Scales, Scutes, Skins class.


Scientific Story with Indian Community School

Scientific Story with Indian Community School exploring the wetlands.

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