Bringing Environmental Education Home: Upham Resources

Environmental Education and STEM learning outside does not need to stop when you leave Upham Woods’s campus. We have a number of resources ranging from lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and additional information about us that can help you continue bringing STEM learning outside and environmental education inside your classrooms.


Connecting the DOTS from your classroom to ours

If you enjoyed using the professional grade field technology we use in our programming, you can learn more about the Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) programming here.


Scientific Storytelling

Scientific Storytelling is shareable, accessible, and a fun way to debrief your scientific practice. View some of our Upham Woods’s favorites on the scientific storytelling webpage.


Grab and Go Lesson Plans

Grab and Go lesson plans are great resources for anyone planning on attending Upham Woods, anyone who has already visited, or for those who are curious enough to want a condensed lesson plan based on our classes.  The G&G lessons allow participants to gain insightful knowledge through 20-30 minute activities.  These lessons serve as great pre and post evaluations to gauge the participants recollection of information.

Grab and Go Radical Raptors

Grab and Go Wacky Water Critters

Grab and Go Value of a Tree

Grab and Go Scales Scutes and Skins

Grab and Go Kestrel weather

Grab and Go Wi-Fi Microscope

Grab and Go Infrared Thermometer

Grab and Go GPS

Grab and Go Camera and IPad

Grab and Go Thermal Imager

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