Virtual Learning

Afield with Ranger Mac science corner

Classroom Ranger Mac Science Corner

From screen learning to green learning, Upham Woods has hearkened back to the days of Ranger Mac, our first superintendent, to deliver virtual and remote learning for groups. Ranger Mac was Wakelin McNeel’s radio persona which he successfully used to teach science and environmental education to Wisconsinites in the 1930s and 1940s. Teachers created designated Science Corners full of outdoor discoveries collected by students and the class would tune into “Afield with Ranger Mac” radio program.

In today’s world, we believe that flexible programming across a variety of formats will help educators and curious folks create their own modern day science corners with our help. Upham Woods can be a part of your school-year experience year-round, not just during your field trip. We hope that we will continue to use these programs for years to come with you. 

Wisconsin River Quest

The Wisconsin River Quest was co-created with the Necedah Afterschool Program and funded by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin River Quest is a compilation of stories from the students and teachers in the program about their experiences on the river. The Upham Woods team have added hyperlinks to additional information and interactive questions to respond to. By reading the stories and answering the questions, you can become a certified Wisconsin River Quester! Start exploring here.  

We have a number of options described in the table below. If you are interested in registering for one of these options or want to learn more, contact us at

Program Title Type Description Age Group
Bringing it Back to Ranger Mac

Blended (asynchronous and synchronous)

3 parts

Series of inquiry activities that feed into a synchronous session reviewing content, sharing stories, and asking questions. All
Great Lakes Quests


14 Quests available

Virtual field trips using ArcGIS StoryMaps to explore coastal communities and natural resources. MS reading level
10K Conservation Challenge


Single activity

Service-learning conservation projects with instructional videos and handouts. Synchronous session available to discuss project. All (some programs are appropriate for older MS and HS audiences)
Afield with Upham Woods



Translate your Upham Woods field trip online with our help. All (scalable but slated to MS)