Afield with Upham Woods

Recreate your Upham Woods field trip this year!

Embark on a classic Ranger Mac and Upham Woods journey where you and your students will explore your own nature-hoods more closely. The Upham Woods team will work with you to translate your last field trip at Upham into an online experience featuring asynchronous and synchronous activities. This is a new opportunity to connect Upham and our resources to your curriculum more closely. Is there a particular unit you thought Upham Woods would always work well with? We can schedule your virtual field trip any time during the school year.

scientific story

Scientific Story from a virtual Scales, Scutes, Skins class.

We hope that the work we put in together now will lead to a legacy of year-round programming together. Carpe pandemic and let’s create

Example of a recreated schedule



1 Synchronous lesson – how to outdoor inquiry. Review the scientific process and importance of observation and science communication

1 Asynchronous lesson – Nature Journal

Virtual campfire featuring storytelling, camp songs, skits from inquiry session

1 Synchronous lesson – Blackhawk Island hike becomes a biodiversity survey
1 Asynchronous lesson – Wacky Water Critters
Virtual Campfire – featuring Ranger Mac podcasts


Synchronous lesson – how to make your own digital scientific story

Synchronous lesson – Scales, Scutes, Skins (example scientific story attached)

Asynchronous – Animal Signs

Virtual campfire – share your scientific stories!



  • Asynchronous programming
  • Synchronous programming
  • Downloadable and personalized activity packet for school
    • this includes research materials, background information for the asynchronous activities, and templates for scientific stories or data collection
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Standards alignment
  • A continued connection with Upham Woods
  • Access to all of our virtual learning resources
  • Staff available to work on integration into curriculum and other consultation
  • Translated in-person programming from your last field trip with us into an online virtual or remote format