Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) at Upham Woods

While at Upham Woods, your group can participate in our Digital Observation and Technology Skills (DOTS) programming. As students enjoy rural Wisconsin and the outdoors, they develop keener observation skills and scientific questioning using tested technology kits. They pose original questions and explore answers with mobile technology. At the end of the session, students communicate their findings through scientific stories. Click the school names below for examples.

DOTS programming is also incorporated into our other programming; for shelter building, students test where heat escapes and while hiking Black Hawk Island students test water quality with our water quality DOTS kits.


Find your school’s onsite DOTS experience below:

Badger Ridge Middle School

County Line Elementary School

Deerfield Middle School

Glacial Drumlin Middle School

Glacier Creek Middle School

Kromrey Middle School

La Escuela Fratney

Randall Middle School

Savanna Oaks Middle School

St. Patrick School

THINK Academy

Wingra School


For more information on the DOTS program check out our website.

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