New Closeout Spreadsheet Available from UW Extension

Once you sell the last of a group of cattle you fed out, do you wonder how they did, or do you take the time to calculate how they did and what the profits or losses were on that group?

UW Extension has developed a new spreadsheet tool that provides cattle feeders a tool for evaluating how a group of cattle did in the feedyard.

The closeout spreadsheet is setup in separate sections for revenue, and itemized expenses for the group. The feed input/cost section will calculate out feed efficiency, feed cost per gain and average daily dry matter intakes.  The spreadsheet also includes a yardage calculator sheet.

As with all of our spreadsheet tools, the more accurate the information input into the tool, the more accurate the results will be.  Accurate record keeping is essential to making good management decisions.

The spreadsheet is available along with other UW Extension Decision Tools and Spreadsheets at the Wisconsin Beef Information Center Decision Tools and Software page.

It can be downloaded directly here: UW Extension Closeout Spreadsheet.

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