UW Extension 2018 Fall Cattle Feeder Enterprise Projections

We have updated and revised our annual fall cattle feeder projections for 2017.

Fall 2018 Cattle Feeder Projections (xls)  tabs across the bottom show the different scenarios that are summarized on the first tab.

Fall 2018 purchase prices were determined by looking at early October area feeder sales in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota.

Projected sale prices were estimated by looking at futures contract prices and taking into account seasonal and cyclical trends in addition to current placements and animal breed.

These projections can serve as an initial guide, however, we strongly encourage producers to use their own numbers rather than our estimated costs to evaluate their own unique situation.  The projections spreadsheets are not fully functional, they do not have the yardage calculator and ration cost calculator that the UW Extension Feedlot Enterprise Budget has due to the way they are bundled together into one spreadsheet workbook.

The fully functional UW Extension Enterprise Budget Spreadsheet used to put the projections together can be downloaded at the WBIC site.

UW Extension Feedlot Enterprise Budget Tool (xls)

Current price and cost structures and volatility have made for rapid changes in the enterprise margins and this fall and we put them together, and may likely continue to effect margins .

Prepared by: Bill Halfman, UW Extension Agriculture Agent Monroe County, and Dr. Brenda Boetel, UW Extension Livestock Economist

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