New Feed Cost Comparison Spreadsheet Available

A new spreadsheet tool is now available to help beef producers compare different feedstuff options on protein and energy costs.

As we move into the winter feeding season, a number of producers are looking at feedstuffs to supplement their home grown feeds to meet their animals needs.

To utilize the new spreadsheet, producers enter in the price, storage loss, feed analysis for dry matter, crude protein, TDN, net energy for maintenance (NEm), and net energy for gain (NEg).  The spreadsheet will then calculate costs so producers can determine the most economical sources for protein and energy.  The spreadsheet also includes a calculator to help determine delivery costs if that is not already included in the purchase price.

When comparing different feedstuffs with the spreadsheet it is still important to take into account properties feedstuffs of interest have in addition to protein and energy to determine how well they will work in a ration to meet the animals needs and performance goals.

It is posted on the UW Beef Information Center Decision Tools and Software page, and can also be downloaded here: UW Feed Cost Comparison Tool


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