New spreadsheet tool helps cow-calf operations look factors that influence herd size change rate

UW Extension has developed a new spreadsheet that helps producers look at how changing heifer retention rates, cull rates and purchase of replacements can influence herd size over time.

This spreadsheet was developed at the request of a cow calf producer to estimate how fast a herd may be able to expand from within over time. We added additional features to allow users to take into account additional factors that influence herd size over time.

The spreadsheet is set up in two different formats, one where the actual number of animals retained, and culled is entered, and the other format where percentage of the available animals in that class is entered.  Smaller herds may find the version where the number of animals entered easier to use.

Here is a direct link to the spreadsheet UW Extension Herd Size Growth Evaluator

It can be found at the Wisconsin Beef Information Center Decision Tools and Software page.

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