New fact sheets on proper injection practices and making a chute side cooler available

As we head into weaning and fall herd health management season it is important to correctly store, handle and administer animal health products.  This insures that the product is able to work in the animal like it is supposed to, and minimize damage to muscles that are ultimately going to be a food product.  Two new fact sheets have been prepared by Amanda Young, UW- Madison Division of Extension Agriculture Educator in Dodge county and are now available.  Beef Injection Site Practices (pdf) addresses storage, handling and administering of animal health products , Chute Side Cooler (pdf) provides details on how to make your own chute side cooler to assure that vaccines and other health products are handled correctly so they are effective upon administering to the cattle.

Both fact sheets, can be accessed directly via the links in the paragraph above and are also located at the WBIC Quality Assurance Page and the WBIC Health and Veterinary Resources Page, along with other related resources.

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