Conference and Workshop Proceedings

2019 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Series
Controlling Costs in the Feedyard: A handful of Considerations for Cattle Feeders Regarding Cost Efficiencies
Comparing Self Feeding to TMR Bunk Feeding
Direct Marketing Beef

2019 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings

2018 Iowa Wisconsin Corn Silage Conference June 21, Dubuque IA

2018 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings

2018 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Materials

Starch from Corn Grain and Silage Utilization by Cattle- Dr. Randy Shaver
Transportation Quality Assurance Certification Overview- Adam Hady
UW Extension Beef Decision Tools- Bill Halfman
2018 Market Outlook- Feb- March 2018- Dr. Brenda Boetel


2017 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Materials
Market Outlook (pdf)
Cattle Nutrition from Weaning through Finish (pdf)

2017 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings (pdf)

2016 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Materials
Yardage Survey Results (pdf)
Antibiotic Use on Farms- VFD’s: What/ Why/ How/ What Next? (pdf)

2016 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings (pdf)

2015 UW Extension Beef Cow-Calf Workshop Materials

Meaning of Weaning presentation (pdf)
Deworming: Relationships, Resistance, Refugia (pdf)

2015 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Materials

Cattle Market Outlook Feb 2015
Risk Management Tools for Putting in Price Floors (pdf)
Using Feed Intake, Growth Models, and Market Conditions to Market Fat Cattle (pdf)
Cattle Health Management- Focus on Receiving Protocols (pdf) not presented at Marion
Keys to Producing High Quality Holstein Steers– Marion location only (pdf)

2015 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings

2014 UW Extension Cattle Feeders Workshop Material

Winter Management of Feedlot Cattle North Dakota State Extension Publication (pdf)
Remodeling Retired Dairy Facilities for Raising Steers (pdf)
Factors that Impact Profit in Feeder Cattle TCSCF Data Summary (pdf)
Wisconsin Market Bulletin- Cattle Outlook & Situation (pdf)

2014 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings pdf)

2013 Beef Cow-Calf Workshops Proceedings
The Estrous Cycle and Estrous Synchronization slides (pdf)
Protocols for Using Sire Directories 2013 (pdf)
Using Genetics and Selection to Improve Your Herd (pdf)
Vaccination to Improve Reproductive Health (pdf)
Vaccination Fact Sheet (pdf)

2013 Cattle Feeders Workshops Proceedings
2013 Beef Outlook
Feedlot Health Management (Paper)
Feedlot Health Management slides (pdf)
Alternative Feedstuffs and Changing CoProducts: Feedlot Cattle (pdf)
Ammoniation of Low Quality Roughage (pdf)
Potential of Chemically Treated Corn Stover and Modified Distillers Grains 
as a Partial Replacement for Corn Grain in Feedlot Diets (pdf)
Demonstrating Calcium Oxide Treatment of Forages(pdf)

2013 Driftless Region Beef Conference Proceedings

2013 Conference Proceedings Papers (pdf)


Alternative Feedstuffs and Changing Co-Products: cowherd (Dan Shike, University of Illinois)
Alternative Feedstuffs and Changing Co-products: feedlot cattle (Tara Felix, University of Illinois)
Beef Cattle Feed Efficiency (Dan Shike, University of Illinois)
Beef Cow Herd Efficiency (Amy Radunz, University of Wisconsin-River Falls)
Cattle Market Outlook: 2013 and Beyond (Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University)
Comparison of Finishing Housing Systems (Dan Loy, Iowa State University)
Crossbreeding Overview (Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska—Lincoln)
Current Topics in Beef Pasture Management (Rhonda Gildersleeve, University of Wisconsin)
Manure in Deep Bedded Finishing Buildings (Dan Huyser, Iowa State University)
Marketing Options for Holstein Steers (Jon Hansen, JBS USA)
Overview of Feed Efficiency Project (Dan Loy, Iowa State University)
Replacement Female Strategies (G. Allen Bridges, University of Minnesota)
Selection for Improved Feed Efficiency (Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska—Lincoln)
Winter Cow Feeding Strategies (W. Travis Meteer, University of Illinois)

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