Quality Assurance

Wisconsin Beef and Dairy Quality Assurance Program

The Wisconsin Beef and Dairy Quality Assurance programs has been a cooperative effort between beef and dairy producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, extension staff, and other professionals from several industry-related organizations.  The Wisconsin Beef and Dairy Quality Assurance Programs are provided in cooperation with Wisconsin Beef Council and University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension.

What is Beef Quality Assurance?  Here is short video describing this program.

How can a producer or farm become certified?

  1. Complete the online National BQA Training -currently no cost
  2. Attend a Beef or Dairy Quality Assurance training session by a WI-BQA certified trainer -currently $15 to cover materials.

Who is certified to train for BQA in Wisconsin?

Contact Sandy Stuttgen or Bill Halfman for a trainer near you.

Who should become certified?

Anyone raising cattle for either beef or dairy cattle in all types of production systems.  Farms and individuals can be certified in the program

How long is certification valid?

The certification is valid for 3 years.

How can I become re-certified

  1. In Wisconsin many UW Extension Beef Workshops offer Continuing Education Credits (CEC) towards BQA re-certification.  Certificates of CEC are handed out at workshops that qualify. A minimum of 3 CEC acquired during your expiring BQA certification period are required for re-certification.  The certified individual is responsible for submitting CEC receipts to the Wisconsin Beef Council.  There is no charge to use the CEC process to re-certify.   See Calendar of Beef Programs to see what programs will offer continued education credits.
  2. Re-take the on-line or an in person BQA certification workshop.

For more information and resources:

Contact Sandy Stuttgen at sandra.stuttgen@wisc.edu  Wisconsin Beef Council, or local county extension office.


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