Raise the ideal dairy steer

Holstein steers are still a significant portion of the finished steer and heifer supply in the U.S. Many cattle feeders are still profitable producing the right kind of Holstein steers. The ideal Holstein steer has the following characteristics: Weighs 1,400 to 1,550 pounds Has a body condition score of 7 using the beef cattle score […]


Get Holstein steers off to a good start

First featured in Wisconsin Agriculturalist

By Aerica Bjurstrom, UW-Extension Kewaunee County

Wisconsin has a bountiful supply of Holstein steers that can be raised for beef. Feeding Holsteins can be a low-stress profitable venture if you start out on the right foot. Giving your calves the best start possible lays down a path of good health and growth performance for his lifetime.


2011 Fall Feedlot Projections

By Amy Radunz, UW Extension Specialist and Bill Halfman, UW Extension Agent

Last year we posted some fall feedlot projections and we are made another attempt this year. As soon as we post these projections, they will be out of date. However, we still wanted to provide a snapshot of some different finishing systems and how they look this fall 2011 UW Ext Fall Feedlot Projections, which may help make decisions this fall for your feeding operation. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look over these projections: