4-H Area Animal Science Days (AASD)

Regional animal science educational opportunities available to Wisconsin 4-H members.  Specifically, Area Animal Science Days is a series of three day-long events held around the state in June where youth in the beef, dairy, horse, sheep and swine projects increase their decision making skills and knowledge of animals through judging and grading experiences.  Events include evaluation of dairy cattle, horses and meat animals; dairy showmanship contests; hippology (the study of horses); and oral reasons workshops.  In addition, each site offers a variety of workshops for small animal projects, which may include rabbits, poultry, dogs, cats or llamas.alt=""

AASD strives:

  • To increase the availability of educational opportunities in the 4-H Animal Science Projects.
  • To increase decision making skills through judging and grading experiences.
  • To increase the knowledge of animals through breeding and market evaluation and management information.

June 18 – Polk County
June 20 – Waupaca County
June 28 -Grant  County

2019 AASD Registration Packet

Area Animal Science Day RESULTS:

June 18, 2019

June 20, 2019

June 28, 2019


Thank-you to the sponsors who help make AASDs possible!

  • The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation
  • UW-Madison Division of Extension
  • UW-Madison Animal Science Department
  • UW-Madison Dairy Science Department

If coaches want sample scantron sheets for youth to practice with for judging contests, here is the link to the sheets:

Dairy:  Dairy Cattle Scantron

Livestock or Horse:  Livestock Scantron

Visit the UW-Extension Animal Sciences website for more information:  http://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/animalsciences/