Citizenship Washington Focus

Note: summer 2018 information is merely for reference, plans for the 2019 CWF week are currently underway and the tentative dates are July 7th through the 13th.

Citizenship Washington Focus Coordinator Handbook

Refer to page eight for information on scheduling a visit with your senators and members of Congress.

CWF Schedule with special events with highlighted areas where preparation is needed.

4-H Tech Changemakers Orientation Overview for Teams with highlighted areas where preparation is needed.

CWF-Customizable-Flyer The back page is for information about your project to leave behind at Congressional offices or to use with other stakeholders. The front will be designed to tell the national story–you can begin drafting the page about your project now.

Lightning rounds template Use these slides to create a 4-minute presentation about your project to use with our meeting with the Dept of Education and to kick off the new site orientation.

Virginia celebrating 4-H Day at the capitol.