National 4-H Conference – Delegate Info


  • Be in 10th-12th grade during the program. Minimum age 15 and maximum age 18 as of January 1, 2020
  • Submit an application with references to the State 4-H Office
  • Carry county approval through time of award program

Experience Timeline

December 20 – State applications, complete with signatures, are due to the State 4-H Office.

February – Participate in a Mandatory Zoom Orientations

February-Departure in April – Delegates conduct research on their county and state 4-H and Extension programs, roundtable topics, and other assigned information.

September 26-October 1 – Attend all conference and travel

July 31, Oct. 31, Jan. 31, and April 30 – Submit ‘Report Back’ form to Wisconsin 4-H Educational Programs, 130 Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St., Madison WI 53706

More Qualifications

  • Diverse 4-H Youth Development Program experiences at the county, state and/or national level, such as WI 4-H & Youth Conference, Area Animal Science Days, State Arts Experiences, Citizenship Washington Focus, etc.
  • Experience in local, county, area, and/or state developmental committees, advisory groups, councils, etc. and in public speaking to strengthen or advocate for 4-H Youth Development Programs.
  • Willingness and ability to work prior to National Conference in collecting facts, ideas, etc. of local people regarding concerns of youth and possible action.
  • Commitment and time to stay involved in the work of conference throughout the year and make significant contributions in their communities.
  • Flexibility as individuals to meet differing situations and to cope with ambiguity, have growth potential, and a curiosity about situations, people, and events.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Good energy levels, capable of participating fully in an active and demanding program involving long hours.
  • Committed to fully participating in a Mandatory Zoom Orientations and the entire conference (including travel time).

What Should Delegates Expect?

  • A great honor to represent Wisconsin with 8-10 other individuals, but also a responsibility to accurately and professionally represent Wisconsin 4-H.
  • Conduct research to be completed prior to departure to the conference to prepare for lobbying on Capitol Hill and creating a briefing for a federal office related to your topic.
  • Responsibility to cover academic obligations during absence.
  • A formal dress code from business casual to business professional attire for many conference events.
  • Participation in professional workshops, federal agency briefing group meetings, and meetings with congressional members on Capitol Hill Day.
  • Opportunity to hear from renown speakers, meet with other passionate 4-Hers across the United States and Canada, and work with conference leaders to further 21st century soft skills.
  • Live at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center
  • Experience landmarks, monuments, and museums in Washington, D.C.
  • Identify ways that you can make a positive impact in your home community from the tools you gained during National 4-H Conference.

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