Youth Conference – Adult Responsibilities

Webpage last updated: March 20, 2019.  Information will be provided as it becomes available. Prior year information remains posted for reference only.

There are many responsibilities as an Adult Advisor:

In general:

  • ensure the health and safety of your delegates, as well as ALL delegates
  • be informed about any delegate’s special needs and communicate as appropriate
  • serve as the adult voice and provide guidance to all youth delegates
  • help create a safe and welcoming environment where all youth are treated respectfully and courteously. You will not likely encounter situations involving bullying, hazing or harassment of youth. But if you do, it is not appropriate for adults to ignore these incidents. You are to intervene and make it clear to the youth such behavior is not be tolerated at 4-H sponsored events and activities.

Before Conference:

    1. Complete your Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference worksheet included in the Registration Timetable
    2. Register at 4HOnline between 4:00 p.m. April 18 and midnight May 1.
    3. Fulfill all parts of the Adult Advisor orientation
      • Read and become familiar with the “Adult Advisor Tool Kit” and the “Registration Timetable and Participant Guide.”
      • Participate in one of our two Statewide Face-to-Face Orientations. Registration for the Face-to-Face Meetings will be a part of the 4HOnline WI 4-H & Youth Conference Registration Process. The dates for the orientations are:
        *Saturday, April 28 at the Lincoln County UW-Extension Office in Merrill; 1:30-5:30 p.m.
        *Saturday, May 11 at the Dane County UW-Extension Office in Madison; 1:30-5:30 p.m.
      • Collect Early Departure Form for any participant who intend to leave Conference early.
    1. Send an introduction to your delegates. Contact them ahead of time to introduce yourself and provide a cell phone number, if available. An introductory form is included at the end of the adult advisor guide for your convenience.
    2. Arrange for parking permits with your Educator as they are not available on-site. Submit permit applications to the U.W. Parking Office by May 31.
    3. Meet parents of your delegates to ensure youth carry the following before coming to Madison:
      1. Health Update Form (find it in the Registration Timetable and Participant Guide).
      2. Early Departure Form for any participant who intend to leave Conference early.

Floor advisors will be identified ahead of time to register their floor on-site, collect mail from Conference Headquarters (HQ); distribute keys, nametags, programs and T-shirts to the group, and regularly meet and share with other floor Adult Advisor(s).

During Conference:

  • Help with an Operational Committee.
  • Attend all conference events.
  • Manage registration and check-in/check-out for your delegation.
  • Participate in the Adult Advisor Orientation.
  • Check in with Headquarters as Needed.
  • Facilitate Meetings with the delegations during designated time, including reviewing the next day’s program, and planning for application of skills learned when youth have returned home.
  • Escort delegates to seminars and assemblies and follow all procedures.
  • Report emergencies to staff as needed.
  • Enforce the dress code.
  • Address Code of Conduct violations.
  • If ill, arrange for another Adult Advisor to supervise your delegates and report this to Headquarters Staff.
  • Escort delegates anytime they leave Sellery Hall.
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