Youth Conference – Operational Committees

Operational Committees

Because over 400 people attend Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference, many “housekeeping duties” are shared among the following four Operational Committees. You will be asked to assist in these areas; please rank your preferences on your registration form. All Adult Advisors will be assigned to at least one Dorm Monitor shift because of the number of shifts required in that area.


  • Assist with seating delegations in the Madison Masonic Center and Memorial Union Theater.
  • Distribute programs.
  • Monitor audience behavior during assemblies.

Dorm Monitor:

  • Monitor elevators and stairwells. (Bring a book or portable hobby!)

Pedestrian Safety:

  • Ensure delegates cross streets safely.
  • Monitor delegate behavior en route to assemblies.


  • Monitor entrances/exits of the recreation area.
  • Check nametags to ensure only Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference delegates, Adult Advisors, and authorized guests are admitted.
  • Monitor delegate behavior during recreation.

You will receive more instruction at the on-site Adult Advisor Orientation on the first day of Conference. If there is a seminar period when you are unable to serve on an Operational Committee, please note it on your registration form by entering 999 as the seminar number.


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