Youth Conference – Staff Info

Opportunities for Staff to Participate in Youth Conference

  • Attend as an Adult Advisor
  • Teach seminars/workshops
  • Attend Drama Company or other programs
  • Help coordinate with bus stops in your County

2020 Information and Updates

Youth Conference is being held from June 22-25, at Witte Hall on the UW-Madison Campus. A couple of general updates regarding 2020 Youth Conference:

  • Adult advisors will now be applying for a position and registering at the same time. Applying doesn’t guarantee a volunteer will be accepted for this role. There will be required orientations for adults via Zoom.
  • Statewide busing is being done again this year. Staff are asked to potentially be available on June 22 and 25th to greet buses and ensure that delegates can safely stay at the bus site without the bus needing to wait for families to pick up delegates.
  • 2020 is our 100th year of Youth Conference! We are looking forward to a great year with a bunch of celebration built in.
  • Youth Conference is in Witte Hall this year. We are working on what this looks like compared to previous years and are making changes as needed.

There was a staff meeting held on March 26, 2020. The recording and powerpoint are available online.

Parking Permits

If staff are attending conference as a presenter or adult advisor and need parking, they will need to submit a request for a parking permit. The request form will be available online here (not yet available, check back soon). This cost will be reimbursable through an expense report.

Adult Advisor Introduction

An Adult Advisor’s Introduction for Delegates form will be sent to Adult Advisors to aid in connecting adults with their delegates. Please assist your Adult Advisors by forwarding this completed form to appropriate counties for distribution to assigned delegates. We will send adult advisors a list of their delegates ahead of time in order to introduce themselves. Adult Advisors and delegates will meet at their 2:15 Meet and Greet on Monday, if not before then.

Payment Procedure

County payments are due to the WI 4-H Youth Development Office by June 15. An invoice and worksheet will be sent to staff in May with a breakdown of fees, along with a list of delegates. Payments are sent in for an entire County group, unless individual invoices are requested. Some seminars require additional fees to cover expenses, those are listed on the worksheet. Adult advisors do not have to pay for seminar fees or registration fees.

Submit one check to cover all fees, payable to UW-Madison Extension and send to WI 4-H Educational Programs, 702 Langdon St, 130 Pyle Center Madison WI 53706 by June 15.


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