Johnson, Kenneth I.

johnson_kenKenneth I. Johnson
Crawford County 4-H & Youth Agent
In Memoriam

Kenneth I. “Ken” Johnson passionately integrated his life into his career as a 4-H and Youth Agent for 33 years, 20 of them in Crawford County.

Ken’s dedication to the program and his innate ability to build relationships set Ken apart as an extraordinary agent. He approached his work with the idea that the youth are the future of our nation, helping them to truly “make the best better.” He valued and motivated them to see the importance of their role so they did their job in a way that would benefit not only 4-H members, but everyone involved. Through his years as a 4-H agent, Ken’s program efforts, volunteer leadership development, and community involvement were highly respected.

Ken was also a member of and held leadership positions in the Jaycees, Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Lions Club, and United Methodist Church. He was also a member of committees for promoting Crawford County Dairy Promotion, the Dairy Breakfast, and Town and Country Jamboree.
Ken’s colleagues say that he set a positive image for the 4-H Program in Crawford County and beyond. He portrayed a great role model for youth and adults, as well as colleagues. Ken was instrumental in developing the Crawford County Meat Animal Sale. He also provided diligent leadership to the Draft Horse and Horse Carriage Clubs, as well as Horticultural Programming and the Crawford County Fair.