Buelke Schroeder, Kay

buelke-schroeder_kayKay Buelke Schroeder
Ozaukee County 4-H Agent

During more than 30 years as a 4-H Youth Development Agent, Kay Buelke Schroeder’s educational programs adapted as the needs of Ozaukee County’s youth and families changed. Kay played an instrumental role in the development of many programs, such as Youth-Adult Partnerships, by involving youth leaders on boards and committees in the Ozaukee County 4-H program to learn decision-making.

Kay was an active collaborator in the community to address youth issues through the Ozaukee County Child Abuse Prevention Public Awareness Committee; the Red Ribbon Campaign, focused on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention and awareness programs; and the county’s 4-H Ambassador Teaching Team program, focused on environmental and character education. She was a co-author for the original and revised statewide Youth Protection Program Curriculum.

Following retirement, Kay has served in multiple volunteer roles with the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts, starting with key roles on the board as the new museum was designed and renovated. Kay was the curator of a gallery exhibit entitled “Celebrating 100 Years of 4-H Fiber Arts.” She also shared her love of quilting first by establishing and now by serving as a volunteer for the Ozaukee County 4-H Quilt project, working with over 100 youth countywide in the project since 2008.

Kay’s passion for positive youth development has been evident as she utilized her knowledge, vision, and impressive ability to develop youth-adult partnerships, support youth in significant leadership roles, and assumed leadership roles locally and statewide.