Funk, Ruth

Ruth FunkRuth Funk

Rock County 4-H Volunteer

Ruth served as a La Prairie 4-H leader for over 50 years in the Clothing Project. As a 4-H leader, Funk was generous with her time and resources. She often held project meetings at her house. If a member didn’t have a portable sewing machine, she found one for the member to use. She knew how to teach the youngest 4-H’er, and she knew how to challenge the experienced teenager.

Home Environment members benefited also. She often held quilting clinics for 4-H’ers from across Rock County. She shared her love of fabrics and designs with 4-H members and taught many how to use a rotary cutter and mat. She carefully taught 4-H’ers the importance of pressing, pre-shrinking, and following directions with clothing and quilting classes.

When a camp nurse was needed in the 1970s, Ruth stepped up to the challenge and kept going back again and again.

In addition, the Funk family continues to provide a $500 scholarship each year to a 4-H member pursuing higher education.