Glassco, Roy

Roy GlasscoRoy T. Glassco

Rock County Agriculture Educator

In Memoriam

Roy T. Glassco, a former Agriculture instructor, served as Rock County Agriculture Agent for 33 years (1919-1951) and was instrumental in helping make the Rock County 4-H Fair the first, and the largest, youth fair in the nation. He was especially known for his keen interest in youth.

During his tenure, he displayed extraordinary service and extended aid to other counties. His Extension travels were the equivalent of going around the world ten times, noting that he was out in the field, helping people in their communities, partnering with the University on Agriculture research and helping 4-H leaders create “hands on” experiences with youth. Under Glassco’s leadership, more than twenty clubs were formed in Rock County in the 20 townships as well as the cities of Beloit and Janesville. He attended all of the 4-H achievement banquets and gave out 29,304 achievement pins to youth. Glassco was always there, not to supervise, but to lend a helping hand. He loved what he did and enjoyed sharing his expertise with people. He encouraged people to work together and passed on his love of agriculture and 4-H Youth Development to everyone he touched.

In 1969, R. T. Glassco wrote, “I have enjoyed every hour of my work with the 4-H boys and girls during these past fifty years and am thankful to have had the opportunity to help lay the groundwork for the future.”