Gross, Allen

 Allen Gross

Washington County 4-H Volunteer

Allen Gross, better known as Al, started his 4-H endeavors as a parent of 4-H archery students in 1998 helping with youth and adults.  Quickly though, he has become one of the most important and involved adult 4-H leader in Washington County 4-H.  As co-coordinator for the Washington County 4-H Shooting Sports Program, Al has spent countless hours dedicated to expanding membership, sharing knowledge, and enhancing the program.  By 2005 he became a nationally certified shotgun leader as a part of the 4-H State Shooting Training Board.  If that was not enough, in 2006, Al helped initiate the Wisconsin team for the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP).  Even once his children graduated from 4-H, Al continued to contribute to the 4-H programs by leading shooting sports classes, coaching the WHEP team, and organizing the county-level photography project.  In gaining all of these leadership experiences, Al shares this knowledge with 4-H youth members and adult volunteers so they can become more involved and successful leaders, too.  The youth of Washington County 4-H and State 4-H Shooting Sports look up to Al’s for his dedication to 4-H and more.  Allen is a true 18 year 4-H volunteer leader and creates great youth and leader partnership for all.  The 4-H program has gained many levels of knowledge and a great leader.