Hamilton, Sherman

Sherman HamiltonSherman “Sherm” Hamilton

Waushara County 4-H Volunteer

Active volunteer, community contributor and promoter, “supervisor”, innovator and leader: all roles that Sherman Hamilton has fulfilled in his lifetime. Sherm’s 35-plus years of work included club leadership, county committees, fair superintendent, and serving as a project leader in woodworking, sheep and livestock. Sherm initiated the Livestock Sportsmanship award as a means of recognizing those that helped and supported others regardless of how they did at fair.

Sherm is a key contributor to the village of Hancock. Sherm, a charter member of the Lion’s Club and a member of the fire department, made many community events a source of pride for Hancock. He has held leadership roles in local government and his church.

Sherm retired from 4-H in 2011. Over the years he encouraged others to be involved while modeling the importance of contributing to your community. In working with youth, Sherm encouraged them to “be proud of what you’ve done, and we don’t always have to be winners.”