Holten, Brian and Kathy

Brian and Kathy Holten

Barron County 4-H Volunteers; Barron County Extension 4-H Secretary

In Memoriam of Kathy Holten

Kathy Holten, a lifelong 4-Her and Brian Holten, “green” by marriage, are the epitome of 4-H. As a youth, Kathy was in the Peppy Pals 4-H Club. Brian and Kathy, high school sweethearts, married in 1978, the same year Kathy started working as the Barron County Extension 4-H Secretary. When their son started 4-H in the Country Siders 4-H Club, Kathy became the Cloverbud leader and Brian helped coach the club’s softball team. 

Kathy made 4-H her life, professionally for 32 years as 4-H Secretary and personally as general leader for over 15 years, President of the Adult Leaders Association and multiple other committees. While Brian may have married into 4-H, his love of 4-H continues, even after Kathy’s untimely death in 2012. With grandkids in 4-H, he is currently finishing up his most recent term as the Leaders Association President and still runs the 4-H softball program!  Brian and Kathy, along with their four sons, were voted Barron County 4-H Family of the Year in 2000.

Brian and Kathy’s contributions to the 4-H program are about relationships and opportunity.  While Brian continues to give back, Kathy’s legacy lives on through the Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship providing financial support to youth who love 4-H as she did.